Young Deaf Artists attending School or College an event for you


Deaf Explorer are a Birmingham based organisation committed to equality for deaf creative people so they gain more work and opportunities in the funded professional arts sector and creative industries.
We have had a small grant from Awards For All (Lottery) to hold a networking and career development day for young Deaf and hard of hearing people in the West Midlands. This event is aimed at Deaf and HoH students interested in all aspects of the arts, including creative writing, fashion, photography, media and BSL poetry.

The presentations will be held at the IKON gallery, Brindley place, Birmingham on Friday 23 October 2015. We have two workshop slots to choose from: 10am­-12:30pm and 1pm ­ 3:30pm.


10am­12:30pm will be introduced by Deaf artist and businessman Sunny Channa and followed by a Gallery tour in BSL by contemporary Deaf artist, Olivier Jamin.

Painting by Olivia Jamin

Tropical-flower by Olivia Jamin

We have also invited Deaf Artist Namuna Shahi to talk about her work. View her website.

Namuna Shahi Art Work

Namuna Shahi Art Work


1pm ­- 3:30pm, Olivier Jamin and Namuna Shahi will be joined by established Birmingham artist and director of a creative CIC, Sunny Channa. This event is for college students. Deaf explorer is planning to mentor young artists in 2016 and provide opportunities for young deaf artists through travel grants and making art interventions in Galleries and art spaces.


Screen prints Sunny Channa


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