Deaf Explorer intervention weekend British Art Show

group of portraits

Deaf explorer artist networking event at Beaconsfield gallery 31 July 2015

Deaf explorer is an artist led group, founded by the winners of a travel competition funded by Arts Council England and wanting to continue to support creative deaf people and tackle the barriers deaf artist face to the mainstream arts provision through innovative and interesting projects and proposals.

We are a learning organisation, in that we want to learn more about the contemporary world and the context we are devising projects to inhabit and live. We therefore seek input and partnership with arts organisations so that relationships can evolve.

Our proposal for Leeds City Art Gallery on final weekend of the British Art Show 7 & 8 January 2016

A weekend project over the period of the British Art Show.

Our purpose to create an intervention on the British Art Show

We will invite deaf artists from England Scotland and Wales to participate.

The weekend will create a context for deaf artists to make a new work for audiences as individuals and as a collaborative process.

We will inform Deaf artists of the curators intention about..’the status of the Object at a time of increasing convergence between the real and the virtual. In today’s seemingly dematerialised reality, many artists are reconsidering the potential of the physical, revisiting skills and practices that have been overshadowed in the transition to the digital.’ (British Art Show press release April 2015)

We will invite them to consider the cultural term “Deaf” as an object and how it defines them, but specifically explore it’s current status now at a time of ‘dematerialised reality’ and ‘transition into the Digital’ where deafness like identity may be hidden.

It is hoped ‘play’ will be central to the art activity by the Deaf artists who are an extremely diverse set of people, with rich life experiences and multiple identities.

Who recognise that what we will do; and consider is interchangeable and transferable with other identities. Therefore using this attribute of our own “deaf’ identity we will engage all audiences.

The Structure of the project:

We will ask artists to research the British Art Show website to begin relationships with the art work before attending the week end.

We will ask each artist to bring an object to the gallery, in response to this research.

The morning will begin with a tour of the show, that is open to the public to join us, the tour will consist of works selected by the deaf artists and present their own interpretation, in preparation for their intervention later over the weekend.

Individual artists will either work on their own or collaborate but will be asked to privately engage with art works, in consultation with gallery staff.

Their will be a presentation for 2 hours or more and this will be open to the public audience.

During this session the artists will present their intervention and then follow this with discussion, sharing their reasons why, permitting the work to exist in the space with an audience, and have a dialogue with the audience.

We are also meeting deaf people who use Huddersfield Deaf Club and inviting them to the British Art Show on November 7 & 8 2015. Deaf explorer will also collaborate with DALES a service for Deaf people living in Leeds before the weekend to encourage deaf people living locally to attend the public sessions over the weekend.